How To Post Something On Pinterest

How To Post Something On Pinterest

Pinterest has become a mecca for consistent traffic when it comes to blogging. A lot of times Pinterest is the top traffic source for bloggers, even surpassing traditional search engine traffic. It is the third largest social media platform in the U.S. and has close to one hundred million users in the states. These are good reasons to take full advantage of this free traffic source and why you should learn how to post something on Pinterest.

This article will take you step by step through the process of posting your first Pinterest Pin with some friendly advice and tips along the way to make things as simple and effective as possible.

Pinterest Logo

1. Sign up for a Pinterest Account:

Obviously the first step will be to sign up for a free Pinterest account if you haven’t already. There are two options when signing up for an account, personal or business. I highly recommend the business account because it includes complete analytics for tracking engagements to your pins. This will give you a better idea of which pins are more successful and getting more click throughs and repins.

You can also upgrade to a business account if you already have a personal Pinterest account in a couple of different ways.

Link a business account to your personal Pinterest account:

How To Post Something On Pinterest

Convert your personal account to a business account:

How To Post Something On Pinterest

2. Create a Pinterest Pin Graphic

Before you learn how to post something on Pinterest, you will need to create a Pinterest pin to post. A pinterest pin is a graphic that you create to promote your article, blog or product.

How To Create A Pinterest Pin On Canva

Ingredients for a great Pinterest pin:

  1. A clean and simple template that isn’t too busy or cluttered.
  2. A unique image that will catch the eye of Pinterest users and spark their curiosity.
  3. Big bold text with a clear and concise message, normally the title to your article.
  4. Your brand logo or website normally on the top or bottom of your template.

You can check out the example to the right of a Pinterest pin I created using Canva.

It has a nice picture of a guy typing working on his blog with a big bold title and subtitle, and some graphics at the bottom with the website for branding purposes.

This is where you get to be creative and test different pins to see which ones are going to convert.

You can learn exactly how to create a great pin by reading my complete tutorial on “How To Create A Pinterest Pin On Canva.” It will take you step by step through the process of creating a pin from start to finish! Everything you need to create the pin will available on Canva including thousands of free images.

3. How To Post Something On Pinterest:

Now that you have a Pinterest account and have created a Pinterest pin, it is time to learn how to post something on Pinterest. This part is fairly easy and shouldn’t take too long.

1. Login to Pinterest:

First you will need to login to your Pinterest account.

2. Create a Pinterest Board:

While you can post pins to other boards, you will want to create your own board to post your pins to. Here are the instructions for creating your own board.

Create A Board From Your Profile

3. Create pin:

For a business account you will click on “Create” in the top left corner of your screen. Scroll down to “Create Pin” and click the link.

Create Pin Business

For a personal account you will click on the “plus sign” then scroll down to Create Pin and click the link.

Create Pin Personal

4. Drag and drop or click to upload images or a video:

This is your Pinterest pin graphic or image that you created using the tutorial above. It is your image with text and anything else you want people to see on your pin. Be creative and try to do something different than everyone else.

Quick tip: If everyone else in your niche is using similar colors, use a different color to stand out.

5. Add your title:

This is the title that Pinterest users will see above your description after they click on your pin. It should be fairly short and simple. Example “How To Create A Pinterest Pin On Canva.” It should tell them exactly what they can expect if they click on your link and go to your blog. For SEO purposes you will want to use your article’s keywords in the title.

Create Pin Screenshot

6. Tell everyone what your Pin is about:

This will be similar to your meta description in your blog post. You can use up to five hundred characters but only the first fifty will show up in the Pinterest feed. For this reason, try to make the beginning short and sweet with clear instructions on what the blog article will entail. You can also add alt text here which will explain what people can see in the pin on screen readers.

Quick tip: Use three or four relevant #hashtags in your description or after your description to lead more people to your pin. Pinterest allows up to twenty but fewer pins usually leads to more engagement.

7. Add a destination link:

This is where you will link to your blog article. Simply go to your blog article, copy the link and then paste it into the url field. This is page people will land on when they click your pin.

8. Choose when to publish your Pin:

Choose when to publish your pin. You can either “Publish immediately” or “Publish at a later date.”

Tailwind App Top Blogging Tools

Quick tip: To take full advantage of Pinterest and get the maximum amount of traffic you are going to want to use a Pinterest Pin Scheduler like the Tailwind App.

I personally use it every Sunday to schedule all of my pins for the week. You can just set it and forget it making life so much easier.

9. Choose a board:

Before you publish your Pinterest Pin, you will need to pick a board to post it to. Click the little arrow next to the “Publish” button to choose. Your own boards will appear here along with any group boards that you have joined. I recommend posting your first pin to your own board that you hopefully created earlier in this post. Later on you can schedule the same pin for multiple boards, once you get familiar to Tailwind App and how to use it.

10. Publish your Pin:

Now it is time to post your first pin! Simply click on the red “Publish” button and “whala” you have learned how to post something on Pinterest! If you chose to “Publish immediately,” your Pin will be live on one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with millions of potential new customers or readers seeing your pin.

Publish Pinterest Pin Button

In Closing:

Now that you have learned how to post something on Pinterest, it is time to come up with a solid game plan for scheduling your Pins. I personally schedule around four or five pins daily which is a total of around thirty five pins a week that I schedule on Sundays. Some pinners schedule a lot more than that but a smaller number will be fine starting out until you get use to using the scheduler.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

If you posted your first Pin on Pinterest, let us know how it went

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