How Much Do Bloggers Earn? – 2021 Income Reports

How Much Do Bloggers Earn - 2021 Income Reports

Blogging has become a huge industry over the years and it continues to grow leaps and bounds. More and more people are making a part time or full time income from writing about something they love or their passion in life. But “How Much Do Bloggers Earn?”

Short Answer: Bloggers can earn anywhere from a few cents to tens of thousands of dollars a month. The amount you earn depends on the authority, relevancy, quantity, and quality of your blog. A good average to expect is somewhere between $0.01 – $0.10 per page views on your blog.

Blogging Quick Stats:

  1. There are currently over 31 million bloggers in the United States
  2. The number of bloggers has increased by 10 million since 2014
  3. There are more than 500 million blogs in the world
  4. Over 400 million people look at more than 20 billion web pages monthly
  5. Bloggers create close to 70 million new posts and over 70 million comments monthly

This means a lot of potential for you as a blogger but also a lot of competition. In order to separate yourself from the competition, you will need to provide fresh content in a specific niche. You will also need to be persistent, patient and in it for the long haul to be successful as a new blogger.

The blog earners that this article will be featuring have paid their dues and stuck with their passion of writing and producing quality blog content for the long term. Let’s take a look at some of the top earners to answer the question “How Much Do Bloggers Earn?”

Adam Enfroy March 2021 Income Report: $101,814.00

How Much Do Bloggers Earn? Adam Enfroy Blog Screenshot

First up on my list of “How Much Do Bloggers Earn” is Adam Enfroy. He is a successful entrepreneur who started his blog back in January of 2019 after spending five years in the field of digital marketing. His goal is to prove to other potential bloggers that is is still possible to create a profitable blog in today’s day and age, starting from scratch.

Adam worked his way up the ladder with dedication and by planning goals. He has managed to go from his first goal of $5000 a month to making over $100,000 a month in March of 2021. Not a bad trajectory after making that initial affiliate sale of $3.

Blog Income Stats:

  • Total Blog Gross Revenue for March 2021: $101,814
  • Ad Network Revenue: $12,952.00
  • Affiliate Income: $78,965
  • SEO Consulting: $8700
  • Digital Product Sales: $1,197
  • Expenses: $16,677
  • Net Profit: $85,137

Traffic Stats:

  • Website Traffic: 332,854
  • Email Subscribers: 46,100

Some tips based on his income report:

Set goals and make small daily choices to get there: Adam started off with smaller goals and took the smaller necessary steps to accomplish those goals. Once you reach those goals, you can set larger goals and so on. Daily choices are key to running a successful blog.

Use affiliate programs with a recurring payment structure: The whole idea is to build a passive income stream so that you can focus on creating and updating content on your blog. Recurring payments allow you to do this. A lot of affiliate programs will pay you 20% to 30% every month for the life of the customer. This can give you a lot of financial freedom to do other things you love in the future.

Traffic does not always equal revenue: Adam emphasizes that just because you are getting a lot of traffic from a certain place, it doesn’t necessarily translate to income. Because of this, he recommends that you don’t rely on one or two affiliate streams for your income. You need to diversify and make sure you spread out your traffic and income resources. This way if one blog post or affiliate stream is lagging, your other sources will pick up the slack.

Anastasia Blogger November 2020 Income Report: $40,252

Anastasia Blogger Blog Screenshot

Number two on my list of “How Much Do Bloggers Earn” is Anastasia. She is a blogger from Portugal who worked a normal nine to five job in digital marketing for ten years before finally deciding to do her own thing and be her own boss. With the help of her husband’s web design skills and her dog Yoshi’s companionship, she started

She was able to quit her day job and now makes over $40,000 a month on her blog teaching others how to build traffic, mainly from Pinterest, and make money from their blog. A couple of her popular courses include: “How I Made $25,000+ in a Month with My Blog” and “How I Quit My Day Job to be a Full-Time Blogger.”

Blog Income Stats:

  • Total Blog Gross Revenue for November 2020: $40,252
  • Display Ads: $3054
  • Affiliate Income: $8920
  • Ebooks/Printables: $267
  • 1:1 Coaching $1141
  • Pinterest Course: $26,870

Some tips based on her income report:

Create quality blog content: This is a shared sentiment across the board and one of the most important tips for new bloggers. You want to create content that does two things. Number one, it is “evergreen” and won’t become outdated over time. It will stay fresh for many years to come. Number two, create content that other bloggers will have to share because it is so good.

Focus on two or three main traffic sources: Don’t spread yourself thin and focus on too many different sources of traffic. Trying to update five different social media accounts daily with new content can be stressful and time consuming. Instead focus on one or two main sources of traffic and get really good at them. Anastasia focuses her attention on Google, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Sell your own product on your blog: This is a great way to increase sales on your blog and adds a lot of value to your readers. You can create an eBook to sell on your own or by hiring a professional to write it for you using a platform like Anastasia leveraged her knowledge of Pinterest traffic and created a one of a kind Pinterest Masterclass Course to sell on her blog.

Create And Go March 2021 Income Report: $104,430.19

How Much Do Bloggers Earn? Create And Go Blog Screenshot

Number three on my list of “How Much Do Bloggers Earn” is Alex Nerney, a former personal trainer, and Lauren McManus a former CPA. They met on Tinder back in 2014. After failing with their first blog, they started their second blog which was a health and wellness blog. They eventually reached $10,000 a month from that blog and decided to start teaching others how to make money blogging just like they did. Thus, Create And Go was born.

Since launching their third and most successful blog, they have grown their income to over $100,000 a month, built an email list of over 100,000 loyal subscribers, started working on a new SEO course, launched a podcast and created their own digital products and services to sell.

Blog Income Stats:

  • Total Blog Gross Revenue for March 2021: $104,430.19
  • Affiliate Income: $52,606.35
  • Digital Product and Services: $48,025.40

Some tips based on their income report:

Helping others succeed in blogging will help you succeed in blogging: If you focus your energy on helping others be successful, the same success will eventually follow you. Create content and blog posts with the intent of actually helping others or solving a problem that needs solving. This type of helpful, no strings attached content, will no doubt get shared by other bloggers which will lead to more traffic and sales in the long run.

Start a podcast or a youtube channel: Readers love to communicate and respond well to seeing or hearing a bloggers speak in person. Having a podcast or youtube channel will make your content much more engaging to your audience. People love to connect a face with the name and love a personal experience that relates to their own. These two platforms are the perfect way to accomplish that.

Create your own digital products and services to sell: Alex and Lauren sold a whopping $48,025.40 worth of their own digital products and services in the month of March 2021. These were mainly eBooks and online courses. You can earn much more money selling your own products compared to affiliate programs because you keep 100% of the profits.

Ryan Robinson January 2021 Income Report: $23,205.48

Ryan Robinson Blog Screenshot

Number four on my list of “How Much Do Bloggers Earn” is Ryan Robinson. He is a highly successful blogger and the owner of He is from Los Angeles but has an international presence and helps bloggers all over the world become better at blogging. Ryan has built a huge email list with over 500,000 monthly subscribers.

His articles have been featured in several publications online including Business Insider, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc and more. His blog has tons of helpful information especially for beginner bloggers looking to start their first blog.

Blog Income Stats:

  • Total Blog Gross Revenue for January 2021: $23,205.48
  • Built to Blog Course Sales: $2,289.79
  • Affiliate Income: $20,915.69 (Top Affiliate Bluehost $10,425.00)
  • Expenses: $3,483.08
  • Net Profit: $19,722.40

Some tips based on his income report:

Start a comprehensive blogging course or guide: One complete in depth guide or course can lead to long term income for years to come. Build an email list and then use that list to drive subscribers to your course. Ryan’s course “Built to Blog: How to Get Your First 10,000 Readers and Earn Six-Figures Blogging” brought in an extra two thousand plus dollars for the month of January.

This is a course that he created a long time ago that still brings in good profits with some updates here and there to keep things fresh. You can also use affiliate links inside of your course to drive extra sales.

Maintain and update past articles for better search engine placement: Now that Ryan has a solid foundation of articles and guides, he spends most of his time updating his past content. Search engines like this and reward you accordingly. This tells search engines like Google that you are keeping things fresh. It also is good for your readers who can see that you are serious and dedicated to producing the best content.

An email list is critical for driving traffic and maximizing income. Ryan added 1,713 subscribers in January alone and has over 150,000 subscribers total to his blog. To build his list he offers free downloads that benefit new bloggers looking to earn an income from their new blogs. Most of his email subscribers come from his free course that he offers “Build a Blog in 7 Days.”

Thyme & Joy February 2021 Income Report: $3713.57

How Much Do Bloggers Earn? Thyme & Joy Blog Screenshot

Number five on my list of “How Much Do Bloggers Earn” is Thyme & Joy, a popular food blog run by Valerie Skinner. She is a certified chef in healing foods and promotes her personal favorite health conscious recipes on her blog. She has been in the health business for over ten years and started listing her “Blog Income Reports” back in February of 2018.

Over the past few years she has really grown her blog’s traffic and income which she first reported as $18.34 for February and March of 2018. That number has since climbed to thousands of dollars a month with her dedication and passion in the health food industry.

Blog Income Stats:

  • Total Blog Gross Revenue for February 2021: $3713.57
  • Ad Network Income: $3623.00
  • Affiliate Income: $90.57
  • Sponsored Work: $300.00
  • Average Hours Working On Blog: 5 Hours A Week

Some tips based on her income report:

Traffic can fluctuate: Like most blogs traffic will go up and down depending on certain factors such as the seasons etc. Her traffic was down in February due to the diet season trailing off. Although traffic decreased, her RPM (page revenue per thousand impressions) increased from $17 to around $22. She also accomplished her dream of hitting 100k page views monthly.

Amazon isn’t what it used to be: Their affiliate rates fell dramatically in recent years and since that time, Valerie and many others income rates have dropped. She even questions if it is worth linking to the tech giants products anymore. This is definitely something to think about when picking your affiliates.

Find other ways to supplement your income: She started ghost writing for other bloggers and quickly gained a following of clients. She has stayed busy writing for other blogs. This is becoming more and more popular especially on sites such as

Maintaining new blog posts isn’t easy: Valerie has been posting less blog posts on her blog due to other ventures such as ghost writing and starting a blog agency for food bloggers. She has decided to hire some help for things including organization and blog writing for Thyme & Joy.

In Closing:

These are just a few examples of “How Much Do Bloggers Earn.” Don’t be discouraged by the amount or time it took for these experienced bloggers to make a full time income blogging. Everyone has their own journey to take and blogging should be a fun experience.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Some of the bloggers we mentioned also have several years experience in digital marketing which gives them a solid foundation to work with. Do your research and learn the business. The blogs we mentioned are a great starting point to get your feet wet.

If you would like to start your own blog but need some help, check out my three part blogging guide:

  1. How To Start A WordPress Blog? Complete Guide Part One
  2. How To Write A Good Blog Post? Complete Guide Part Two
  3. How To Build A Blog Page In WordPress? Complete Guide Part Three

I wish you the best of success in your blogging adventures and hope that you can turn your passion into a full time income.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Do you have your own income report you would like to share? Let me know! I would love to hear about it.

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